IMAGES CAPTURED BY JWST Note – the images here are all taken from the official page of NASA WEBB TELESCOPE

The best of JWST so far and a forever image. This is the final image of the first image of JWST. The picture reveals the baby starts that were once hidden behind the cosmic cliff.

 Another one from the James Webb's “first” Images. It is the Stephan’s  Quintet – an image that shows 4 colliding galaxies and a galaxy slightly apart from them.

 A clear, sharpest image of our Universe. This is an amazing view of universe and it’s existing galaxies captured by the Most powerful James Webb Space Telescope.

 An image of two galaxies merging and creating a heart shape, Captured by the JWST in Nov 2022. The two galaxy's cores are connected making them form a heart, this pair is called II ZW 96.

 This is a pic captured by JWST while studying the star formation. The image shows a star cluster, a group of starts held together by each other’s gravitational force, it also shows recently formed baby stars.

An image that shows Neptune, it’s moon and some nearby galaxies. JWST succeeded in capturing the all time clearest image of Neptune that also shows it’s rings.

Image of a star. Images of stars might not be new but this is a step towards improving JWST's focus. Here the star 2MASS J17554042+6551277 is focused.

 Image of the Southern Ring Nebula captured by NIRcam and MIRI – the instruments of JWST.