According to a study, using marijuana may be worse for your lungs than smoking cigarettes.

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According to a study, using marijuana may be worse for your lungs than smoking cigarettes.

A recent study found that marijuana smokers were more likely than cigarette smokers to experience specific types of lung damage.

Research on marijuana’s health impacts has increased as recreational marijuana use has become more popular across the nation’s states. The claim that marijuana is healthier than cigarettes, which proponents of the drug have long defended, is now under attack.

According to a recent study, using marijuana may increase your risk of developing certain health issues more than smoking tobacco.

In light of the recent study that was released in the Radiological Society of North America, thoracic radiologist Dr. Scott Brandman suggested that you stop and consider what you’re doing to yourself until we have more knowledge.

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In that study, which analysed lung scans of smokers, it was discovered that marijuana smokers had higher rates of emphysema, airway inflammation, and larger breast tissue than tobacco smokers did. The third most common cause of death in America is emphysema.

Marijuana smoke really creates holes in the lung, according to Brandman, in addition to damaging the airways. This damage to the lungs, which we are now observing for the first time, will be permanent for these patients.

About 20% of all Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have tried marijuana. It’s also the drug that Americans use the most frequently that’s still illegal on a federal level.

Taking deeper breaths and holding the smoke in their lungs for a longer period of time, according to Brandman, is one habit that pot smokers may have.

He explained that during the deeper, longer breath hold, “it’s travelling deeper into the lung and having an opportunity to stay there for a longer time.”

Researchers are also examining a component of marijuana.

In marijuana smoke, Brandman continued, “There’s a carcinogen or chemical that we haven’t yet identified that we’re theorising is damaging the lung and creating these holes.”

Brandman advises discussing edibles or other marijuana use options with your doctor if you use marijuana for medical purposes rather than recreationally.

There have been studies on a number of marijuana’s negative health effects, including impaired brain function, high blood pressure, and an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. The American Lung Association’s senior medical officer and pulmonologist, Dr. Albert Rizzo, claims that “we don’t know the long-term consequences of marijuana as we do the long-term impacts of tobacco.”

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Marijuana smoke is not filtered, whereas tobacco smoke is. According to physicians, each of these elements plays a part in inflammation and irreparable harm.

Rizzo advised them to stop because they shouldn’t breath anything that would irritate their lungs. He does acknowledge that some consumers use marijuana for medical reasons.

“The general populace has the impression that marijuana is secure. According to this study, marijuana use may be more hazardous than previously thought “Dr. Giselle Revah, a cardiothoracic radiologist and study co-author, remarked.

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