Brittney Griner is “Pessimistic” before today’s appeal hearing.

Brittney Griner is "Pessimistic" before today's appeal hearing

Brittney Griner is “Pessimistic” before today’s appeal hearing

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Brittney Griner

In preparation for the appeal hearing that will take place in Russia on Tuesday, Brittney Griner‘s attorneys are providing information to the media about the WNBA star and two-time Olympian’s mental state. Griner is reported as “extremely nervous,” one of her attorneys adding that Griner is “very pessimistic.”

Her legal team claims that the best she can hope for right now is a reduction of the nine-year sentence she was given in August rather than a total overturning of the decision. The group issues a statement saying that Britney “does not anticipate any miracles to happen.”

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Brittney Griner

According to the team, appeals in Russia are normally resolved fast and barring any technical difficulties, they anticipate receiving a decision on Tuesday, according to People. A videoconference will be used for Griner’s appearance from her pretrial prison cell.

She just turned 32. They added, She is “extremely psychologically tough and has a champion’s character,” according to her attorneys, but she also “has her highs and lows since she is under a growing amount of stress and has been separated from her loved ones for over eight months,”.

They state that they will bring up issues at the hearing, such as “procedural flaws during the detention and the investigation,” as well as what they believe to be an excessive sentence; according to one attorney, the typical sentence for an offense like this is “never more than six years” and occasionally “even less, much less.”

They list three possible outcomes of the hearing: the original sentence being upheld (in this case, it’s unclear when Griner would be transferred to a penal colony, a journey that can take more than a month, with unreliable communication); the verdict being completely overturned and sent back to the lower court that originally sentenced Griner; or the sentence being reduced to a shorter period of time.

According to sources, the US has suggested a prisoner swap for Griner and Paul Whelan, another American taken captive in Russia.

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