Former President Obama Supports Karen Bass for Mayor of Los Angeles

Former President Obama Supports Karen Bass for Mayor of Los Angeles

Former President Obama Supports Karen Bass for Mayor of Los Angeles

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Barack Obama, a former president, on Saturday supported Karen Bass for mayor of Los Angeles.

In a video produced for the Karen Bass campaign, Obama declared, “I am asking Los Angeles to vote for Karen Bass for mayor.” “I know Karen; she supported my campaign with me from the start, and Karen Bass will produce results.

When it comes to the subjects we care about so much, Karen has always spoken up for what is right. She has dedicated her life to helping her community, from working in the emergency department to delivering aid during the COVID outbreak as a member of Congress to saving California from a budget disaster.

Bass, a Democratic congresswoman since 2011, actively promoted Obama’s 2008 candidacy for president in 2007 while she was a state Assembly member.

“I am grateful and humbled to have President Barack Obama‘s backing” bass stated. “President Obama gave us hope for the future of our nation and government. It is impossible to overstate the influence he had on the country and the world through his leadership of this nation for eight scandal-free years while achieving social and economic fairness.

When it was followed by four years of corruption and criminal activity coming from the White House, the consequences became even more clear. However, as a nation, we are retaliating. As a city, we are retaliating. The endorsement of President Obama highlights the contrast in this race and motivates our campaign as we share our ideas for ending homelessness and making LA safer and more accessible for everybody during the final stretch.

The developer Rick Caruso, Bass’ rival in the election on November 8, was represented by Peter Ragone, who stated: “This election is about fixing homelessness, preventing violence, and eradicating corruption at City Hall. One candidate, in particular, has a history of challenging the status quo and achieving results.

President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the majority of state and local Democratic politicians have endorsed Bass, while former mayor Richard Riordan, business organizations like the Los Angeles County Business Federation, and the Los Angeles Police Protective League have endorsed Caruso.

Bass issued an apology earlier this month for claiming during a debate that Caruso had paid to get the support of the Avance Democratic Club, a local Latino political organization.

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