Kim and Kanye recently reached a “compromise” about the education of their children after he attacked her family on Instagram.

Kim and Kanye recently reached a "compromise"

Kim and Kanye recently reached a “compromise” about the education of their children after he attacked her family on Instagram.

On air. Kim Kardashian was mentioned by Kanye West in a recent interview. The DONDA musician discussed his ex-wife and children in an interview with Tucker Carlson after a dispute over where their children should attend school.

The Kardashians and Kanye got into a spat over his DONDA Academy. Kim disagreed with Kanye’s suggestion that their four children—North, age 8, Saint, age 6, Chicago, age 4, and Psalm, age 3—attend his school. Ye, however, disclosed that they had come to an arrangement. So far, we have reached a compromise, but Kanye declared, “I’m not done because I don’t compromise. “However, we’ve reached an agreement where my children go my school after school where they take choir. When my son arrived and said, “Why do I need to sing?,” I was sitting there with him. I’m not even a student at your institution.

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“Now you look up, and my kids are going to a school that teaches black kids a sophisticated Kwanzaa,” Kanye groused about the curriculum at their previous school. You know, Kwanzaa doesn’t. Therefore, at Sierra Canyon, they don’t teach anything—not even the Christmas mass. And they indoctrinate the children by gathering all the famous people—celebrities, actors, basketball players—into one school. Although his current preschool is “trying to figure out how to indoctrinate him to have him be another part of the system,” Kanye termed his kid Psalm “smart.”

He lauded Kim during the interview for being a good mother and a person. Kim reminds me like a hybrid. Not just Marilyn Monroe, she is. She’s also like fashion, you know,” Kanye remarked. She has a child. She is an activist as well. She practises law. She is worth many billions. She’s hot, he said further. She ranks among the most attractive persons ever. Now, this video game character is on the level of a close buddy. And when a headline declares, “Kim says, Oh, I’m going to stay single forever,” it is indoctrination because they want this person to inform all the little ladies out there that they must remain unmarried forever.

The conversation with Kanye comes after he posted on Instagram multiple messages to Kim regarding how they should raise their children.When the person asked Kanye to “stop,” he responded by saying that their kids should go to his brand-new Donda Academy. Kanye said, “No, we need to talk in person, and you have no power over where the kids go to school.” Why do you get said? You’re half white, why? Tell him to quit using my name. I’m almost 67 years old and don’t always feel well, so this worries me out a great deal. Kris expressed this in a message that was later repeated by the other person.

Y’all don’t have so much to say about my black children and the schools they attend, Kanye retorted. They won’t do playboy and sex tapes,” he said, and he instructed the Kardashians to “get your Clinton pals to come get me.” Ye explained his motivation for his own pranks in a different piece. He wrote, “Shut the f-k up and worry about you’re [sic] own kids,” reminding those who claim he is spiralling when he states the indisputable truths, “Anybody that thinks I’m a sheep.” According to the level at which he was working, he said, “It is evident that I deal with wars at the highest levels of discrimination and control.

Oh Ye is mad, that much is obvious. I’m just right. I am aware of girls that promote behaviour that is incompatible with how my daughters are presented. He finished posting, “Where my kids attend school is not up to Calabasas or Hulu. I’m not the insane one, he insisted, adding that “no matter what it takes legally, I won’t stop until I have a say in my kids.”

Following a six-year marriage, Kim requested a divorce from Kanye in February 2021. They “are in a really wonderful spot,” a source previously told E! News on August 5, 2022. Some people thought that Kim and her kids’ appearance in a Yeezy brand ad would signal a change in their relationship. Kim was pleased to support Kanye in this way by participating in the campaign with the kids, a source told E! News. “However, it’s not a sign of them reconciling.” The insider went on to say that even if Kanye and Kim are not reconciling, they “are entirely aligned in making their children their priority.”

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