Metal bands will be available later, according to a Pixel Watch advertisement that includes the taglines “Help by Google” and “Health by Fitbit”

pixel watch face chaotic shapes

In addition to the 7 and 7 Pro, a Pixel Watch advertisement offering a look at the aspects Google intends to emphasize with its first Wear OS 3 wearable also surfaced today.

It begins with a side shot that gives a clear idea of how thick the Pixel Watch is, as shared by SnoopyTech on Twitter. Pictures showing the rotating crown and bezel with the display truly on are shown after this, in contrast to a comparable pan in the design film. The first tentpole with “3 finishes” is the “sleek design.” This is matte black, silver, and gold, as far as we can tell.

Metal bands are arriving this winter, according to the disclaimer. An in-development Milanese band and link bracelet was earlier revealed by 9to5Google. While we’re on the subject of bands, we get a closer look at one of the leather straps, which will be joined at launch by Active and Woven.

Pixel Watch ad leaked 1 1
Pixel Watch ad leaked 2
Pixel Watch ad leaked 3

The Fitbit app/experience then displays “Track Heart Rate” with a graph, followed by a notification for reaching your “Active Zone Minutes” target. A caveat states that “Google Pixel Watch and associated phone must use the same carrier network,” which is typical cellular wristwatch behaviour. “Get directions” showcases Maps for Wear OS.

Google Wallet serves as the “check out,” while “Hey Google” Assistant instructions can be used to control your smart home and make phone calls from your wrist.

“Help by Google” and “Health by Fitbit” appear as the final taglines in this leaked Pixel Watch advertisement.

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