Oops! The most embarassing celebrity mishaps


Oops! The most embarassing celebrity mishaps

Oops! The most embarassing celebrity mishaps

On August 31, “Clueless” actress Stacey Dash uploaded a video to social media in which she expressed her sorrow for DMX’s passing. Fans thought this strangely timed tribute to the late rapper, who passed away more than a year ago, was a touch strange. The news of DMX’s drug overdose death in April 2021 reportedly didn’t get to Dash. She discussed how one of his songs “saved” her numerous times in the emotional video, as well as what a fantastic man he was. She was actually taken aback. Ain’t no way this is true, said singer Tyrese Gibson in a comment on the video. Another person referred to Dash’s strong political beliefs by writing, “She was too busy storming the Capitol.”

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The mother of Paris Hilton and actress of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Kathy Hilton, made an August appearance on the talk show “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.” She made a blunder that upset the audience while participating in a game where she had to identify celebrities from images. When presented a picture of pop icon Lizzo, Hilton mistook her for “Precious.” She was likely alluding to the role that actress Gabourey Sidibe played in the same-named 2009 Oscar-winning movie. Her host and fellow guests were speechless, and the incident spread like wildfire.


In February, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene embarrassed herself by mistaking a chilly Spanish soup for the Nazi Germany’s secret police on live television. Greene discussed Nancy Pelosi during an appearance on One America News. She charged Pelosi with deploying her “gazpacho police” to snoop on members of Congress and people of the United States during her torrent of insults directed at the Speaker of the House. She obviously intended to say Gestapo and not gazpacho.


Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene
A couple of months later, she was back at it. Greene, a well-known conspiracy theorist, published a video in which he discussed the government’s intention to monitor every area of American life, including the typical American’s food. They are interested in when you eat and whether you are having a cheeseburger, which is problematic since Bill Gates wants you to consume his fake meat that develops in a peach tree dish. She definitely intended to say petri dish rather than peach tree dish when she made reference to Gates’ notion that wealthy nations may eat synthetic meat to alleviate the climate catastrophe.


Debbie Lesko, R.
Arizona On April 19, Rep. Debbie Lesko tweeted a small exaggeration of the immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border, which caused her to go viral for the wrong reasons. In just six months, she stated on Twitter, “Border Patrol agents have captured more than one billion million migrants at our southern border.” “The open border policies of President Biden are causing this disaster!” She was linking to a Wall Street Journal article, however the heading of the piece states clearly that “US-Mexico Border Arrests Top One Million in Six Months.” “One billion” quickly became popular.

Oops! The most embarassing celebrity mishaps


Ingraham, Laura
When examining “woke stories,” commentator Raymond Arroyo of Fox News brought up a scene from the television programme “You” in which the measles was discussed. However, Ingraham assumed right away that he was referring to her. She asked with a bewildered expression on her face, “Wait, when did I mention measles?” When Arroyo informed her that it was on “You,” she responded, “What was in my body? What are you referring to? The measles never touched me!” Arroyo continued as she made an effort to explain, “We never had a vaccination and measles event. Are you kidding me?” She remained adamant that she had never had the measles, growing increasingly irate at his persistence.


Rogen, Seth
When Seth Rogen announced that Hannah Waddingham had won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her part in “Ted Lasso,” his hosting duties for the 2021 Emmys went astray. Whoever “Hannah Waddington” is was given the honour, according to Rogen. Rogen likely lit up before coming on stage, joked fans on Twitter. Waddingham was unfazed by the event and was enjoying her impressive victory.


Kardashian, Kim
Kim Kardashian shared screenshots of herself listening to songs from Kanye West’s new album “Donda” on her Instagram stories after it was released. However, as the song “Ok Ok, Pt. 2” began playing on her smartphone, fans observed that her volume was set to the lowest setting. Another fan said, “NOT KIM LISTENING TO DONDA ON MUTE.” The internet naturally had a field day. Kim didn’t publicly address her mistake, but instead, she secretly removed it and inserted others, this time with the volume turned up.


Brownie Robinson
The legendary Motown singer returned to the conversation in popular culture with a clip from his Cameo service, a website where celebrities can create customised videograms for followers. In it, the star appears to have no idea what Chanukah is. “Smokey Robinson and my mother both grew up in Detroit on the same street. So I wanted to reconnect with them over @Cameo for Chanukah,” one Twitter user said. “However, the video takes an odd turn.” After introducing himself and wishing the mother a good Chanukah, Robinson continues, I’m not sure what Cha-noo-kah is, but I’m delighted that they mentioned it. Anyway, Godspeed, sweetheart.

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