Singer Aaron Carter died at age 34

Singer Aaron Carter died at age 34 — TMZ

Singer Aaron Carter died at age 34

Singer Aaron Carter

According to Sources, American musician Aaron Carter passed away on Saturday. Carter rose to popularity around the turn of the millennium with his smash album “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It).” At 34 years old, he.

According to the sources, Nick Carter, the brother of Backstreet Boy, was discovered dead in his bathtub at his Lancaster, California, home.

A police spokeswoman informed the Media that when authorities arrived at Carter’s house at 10:58 am, they discovered a dead corpse; however, they were unable to publicly identify the victim at that time.

The Media inquiry was not immediately answered by Carter’s manager.

The musician, who was born on December 7, 1987, in Tampa, Florida, started playing at the age of seven and put out his debut album in 1997 when he was nine.

Three million copies of his second album, “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It),” were sold domestically, making him a teen idol. He started appearing frequently on preteen Nickelodeon and Disney programs, including one episode of the well-liked “Lizzie McGuire.”

Carter toured alongside Britney Spears and the boy band The Backstreet Boys, of which his older brother is a member. His subsequent album, “Oh Aaron,” went platinum.

As he grew older, the musician’s fame started to wane, but Carter continued to be well-known thanks to his appearances on various reality shows, off-Broadway plays, and online music releases.

However, his personal problems—including apparent conflict between the five Carter brothers and family disputes over finances—became tabloid fodder.

When Carter’s admission to a treatment center was made public in 2011, the actor told his followers that “the main thing in life is not to be afraid of being human.”

The musician started performing one-off gigs after getting out of rehab, followed by a Canadian tour. In 2018, he issued a further album.

He had filed for bankruptcy in 2013 due to massive debt, a large portion of which was tax-related. Additionally, Carter had multiple legal run-ins, mostly related to possession and reckless driving offenses.

He started talking about his arrests and his thin build in 2017, which had sparked allegations that he was unwell or doing drugs.

He entered a different treatment facility for prescription drug abuse related to anxiety and sleep problems, and he reported improvement in 2018.

He previously admitted to the Daily Mail that he worked hard to shed his reputation as a “train catastrophe.”

The source quoted him as saying, “I am not how certain people attempt to represent me. “If someone wants to label me a train wreck, I’ve been a train that’s been derailed by a lot of different things and wrecked several times,”

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