The penultimate episode of the season, which had both highs and lows, explodes in the last few seconds.

The king is no longer alive; long live the king. Just need to track him down first. The Green Council, the sixth episode of House of the Dragon’s first season, picks up where the previous episode left off. Viserys has actually passed away, leaving a hole in House of the Dragon the size of Paddy Considine; his generosity and mistaken faith will be missed. But will there be a seamless changeover of power? If it were, the franchise would last a lot less time.

The late king said on his deathbed that he wanted Aegon to sit on the Iron Throne, but Alicent (Olivia Cooke) misinterpreted what he meant along the road (wrong Aegon, sadly!). It doesn’t really matter: Planning has already been done by Otto (Rhys Ifans) and the rest of the little council. to remove Rhaenyra and install the king, Aegon, who is currently missing in action. After last episode’s reconciliation with her former BFF, Alicent is understandably conflicted, which raises this week’s topical issue: Is Alicent Hightower a nice person?

Despite how annoying the dream misinterpretation is, it’s obvious that the showrunners are trying to make viewers feel sorry for Alicent, who frequently crosses the line into cartoon villain territory. If Viserys intended Aegon to be crowned, how can we really blame her for doing so? If it also didn’t make Alicent appear to be so foolish, it would be a more compelling narrative device. She is aware that Aegon is a simpering fool who is overrunning Flea Bottom with blonde bastards, and not even a mother’s love can make her forget this. The majority of this episode is spent navigating brothels in an effort to To the dismay of his younger brother Aemond, he manages to locate the young king.

The episode’s standout sequence, Alicent’s encounter with Princess Rhaenys (Eve Best), really puts the Queen’s actions into perspective. The two women are the victims of other people’s intentions in their own individual, tragic ways. Alicent wants to persuade the princess, who was imprisoned without cause overnight, to support her by selling her a picture of a tranquil Hightower-led government. Both the queen’s deception and her savagery disgust Rhaenys, and both characters must face their demons. Finally, Rhaenys assists Alicent in realising that she is a prisoner. Rhaenys said, “You want to make a window in the wall of your prison, not make yourself free.” informs her. It’s a clever sentence that delivers the kind of melodrama fantasy fans love to hear, and Alicent realises what’s going on

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