Elon Musk’s ties to foreign nations, according to Biden, should be investigated.

Elon Musk's ties to foreign nations, according to Biden, should be investigated

US President Joe Biden: Elon Musk’s ties to foreign nations, should be investigated

biden and musk
US President Joe Biden And Elon Musk

The President was questioned whether he believed the new Twitter CEO posed a threat to US national security. Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, is “worthy of being looked at,” according to Joe Biden, for his interactions with foreign nations.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Biden was questioned about if he believed Musk posed a threat to national security and whether the US government should look into how he acquired Twitter with the aid of a Saudi Arabian corporation.

Elon Musk’s collaboration and/or technical connections with foreign nations, according to Biden, merit further investigation. I’m not implying that he is doing it inappropriately, though. I’m saying it’s worthwhile to look into them.

The monarchy viewed Prince Alwaleed’s 83-day confinement to the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh as a form of captivity.

After Musk’s takeover of the social media network, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and his investment company have emerged as the second-largest investors on Twitter. He is one of the wealthiest Middle Eastern investors.

Two US senators urged for a “thorough examination” of the Twitter transaction last week: Connecticut’s Chris Murphy and Democratic finance committee chair Ron Wyden.

In a statement, Senator Ron Wyden said: “Given the Saudi regime’s history of imprisoning critics, setting up a spy on Twitter, and brutally killing a Washington Post journalist, the Saudi regime must be blocked from accessing Twitter account information, direct messages, and other data that could be used to identify political opponents or to stifle criticism of the royal family.

“This Saudi regime definitely meets the criteria of a murderous foreign government, and I’ve long maintained that the United States has a national security interest in protecting Americans’ data from such nations.

The US was reportedly considering starting a national security probe of some of Musk’s businesses, including Twitter, according to statements made by the White House last month.

Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has raised worries that he would come under pressure from nations attempting to restrict internet free expression.

Musk, the richest man in the world and CEO of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, considers China as a significant market and production hub. Shanghai is home to a Tesla factory that produced almost half of the company’s annual deliveries worldwide.

In addition, Musk serves as CEO of SpaceX, a company that develops rockets and satellite internet.
Musk previously advocated giving Beijing some power over Taiwan in order to ease tensions between China and Taiwan. Musk added that China has asked for guarantees that he won’t offer Starlink internet service from SpaceX there.

Additionally, he suggested that Ukraine permanently hand up control of Crimea to Russia, claiming that SpaceX could not continue to support Starlink services in Ukraine.

Musk reportedly told Ian Bremmer, the director of the political-risk firm Eurasia Group, that he had direct conversations with Putin and the Kremlin on Ukraine. Musk refuted his assertions.

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