4 Netflix Recommendations To Binge Watch

4 Netflix Recommendations To Binge Watch

4 Netflix Recommendations To Binge Watch :Netflix is everyone’s favorite pastime and sometimes an addiction too and in 2022, Netflix
released one of pop culture’s biggest events with Stranger Things Season 4. Other than that new
seasons of Ozark and Bridgerton were streamed. The company was disrupted by the Dave
Chappelle Controversy, decreasing stock prices and the viewers anger over rising subscription
prices and canceled shows. However, towards the end of the year, subscribers came back and
Netflix remained to be the biggest streaming platform.
Netflix has been consistent with producing 80 original productions per month but the question
that arises in regards to these are about the quality of the movies, shows and specials. As a result,
a lot of these shows have not produced many valid claims. Regardless of these downers, Netflix
did manage to produce some good shows, all favorites which are listed below.

4 Netflix Recommendations To Binge Watch

Russian Doll (TV series)

4 Netflix Recommendations To Binge Watch-Russian-Doll

This show was one of the best in early 2019 and in this year, it returned with season 2. The
ending of the first season was perfectly concluded with finality, enough that Russian Doll would
have been a great limited series. However, Natasha Lyonne, the co creator star, had ideas for a
continuation of the series. Season 2 takes place four years after Alan, played by Charlie Barnett
and Manhattanites Nadia, by Lyonne, managed to escape from their death-loop, and in the
second season, both of them are on a new sci-fi sad comedy adventure where they encounter a
time portal which is only accessible via the 6 train. A journey that leads to a fate which is even
worse than death: becoming your own mother. Even though Season 2 isn’t the same as Season 1,
it’s still enjoyable as a comedy about generational trauma

Peaky Blinders (TV series)


This series has been one of the defining shows of the era when Netflix was ascendant. The first
season of Peaky Blinders was released during the rise of Orange Is the New Black and House of
Cards. In 2022, the series concluded with the sixth season. The show stars Cillian Murphy as
antihero Tommy Shelby, a man who is the leader of the titular gang which includes his relatives,
and they rise to the top of the criminal underworld in Birmingham. If you have not started
watching Peaky Blinders then now is a good time to start because the costumes are immaculate,
the anachronistic soundtrack is fun, and the supporting performances from Tom Hardy and Anya
Taylor-Joy are extremely entertaining.

Stranger Things


This has been Netflix’s biggest show, and most probably the most watched show right now. For
confirmation, just go to any local teenager and ask them for the lyrics to “Runnin’ Up That Hill”.
Until now, Season 4 has been the buggiest season which has had multiple 90 minute episodes
and the finale being two and a half hours. The writers introduced a new villain and heroes and
conclusively, the series set streaming records and solidified its place among pop culture’s elite.
Even though Season 4 was not the best season, it has truly been a memorable one.

Heartbreak High


This series is a combination of Euphoria, Sex Education and Mean Girls but with Australian
accents. Heartbreak High is a remake of a 90’s Aussie series about a teen girl Amerie, played by
Ayesha Madon, who becomes a social pariah after she creates a mural that exposes all the secret
hookups of every person at her school. Amerie has also just fallen out with her best friend for a
reason she can’t identify. As she goes through a rather difficult period in her life, she ends up
befriending Quinni, played by Chloe Hayden and Darren by James Majoos. The series shows a
lot of respect for the youth all while mixing a core story of two friends growing in different

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