TikTok Advertisements: Should You Invest in Them?

TikTok Advertisements: Should You Invest in Them?
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Tiktok is a very commonly used application which is home to everyone from teenagers to their
grandparents. Recently, business owners have also resorted to Tik Tok for advertisements. These
days advertisers have various options available to them for the promotion of their business but
the most frequent question that arises is about investing and which platform is the best to do so.
Is Tik Tok advertising a good option or should people stick with the older traditional choices:
Facebook and Google Ads?

Tiktok is used by a large audience which continues to grow. This is one of the reasons why it is
the best platform to promote a business. In advertising, the most vital thing is the audience and
TikTok guarantees a thriving and youthful audience for product marketing. Brands like
Maybelline can be seen using this social media app. The app is available in almost 150 countries
and is accessible in 75 languages, which makes it convenient and provides people with a diverse
audience that can be interested in what is being sold.

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A question that is frequently asked is why people spend hours upon hours on the app. According
to some, the reason behind this is that the app publishes content which is authentic and accurate.
Therefore, users who are engaged relate to the content much more and hence are more likely to
respond positively to TikTok advertisements.

Additionally, going viral is also an increasing possibility on TikTok. Videos can move from over
zero views to millions in just a night. This is one of the reasons why TikTok is so popular,
because no other platform enables this kind of vitality or allows you to reach countless people so
rapidly. TikTok has a specific algorithm which collates content which users may like to see and
then displays it on the “For You Page”. If people find specific content appealing, then it will be
displayed and distributed to as many people as possible. This allows you to reach the maximum
number of people and an even greater audience with little to no effort.

TikTok has extremely high engagement which makes the app easy to drive brand advocacy. Data
Omnicom Agency shows that about 90 percent of TikTokers open the application multiple times
every day and on average, users spend an hour or more browsing, watching, scrolling, perusing,
and learning. All of these activities make engagement very high.

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There are several advantages to using TikTok. It connects people to new audiences every day and
the “similar audience” feature allows marketers to select an audience which is similar to people
who they want to target. TikTok is also notable for high engagement rates as in 2019, its
engagement rate was higher than both Instagram and Twitter combined. Small accounts with
followers less than a 1000 had engagement rates of 9.38 percent according to the Influencer
Marketing Hub. Ultimately this means that even if there is a small brand which is just starting
on TikTok, then they are assured of high engagement rates. Additionally, TikTok has several
creators from small cities who are very popular with users. These influencers are popular in their
localities and allow these businesses to plan targeting campaigns for several locations.
So if you are a business owner and are looking to promote your business, TikTok is a good place
to do so!

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