AI and Chat GPT

AI and Chat GPT

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AI and Chat GPT

AI is artificial intelligence, which means machine’s intelligence where a machine can perform many actions that a human can or cannot, but with the data that is programmed into it.

AI is a very advanced technology that can literally do everything a human can do, from problem-solving to decision-making.
The concept of AI was first introduced by John McCarthy during the Dartmouth Conference in 1956.

In the beginning, AI was used to store large amounts of data, then eventually to process the data, then it was taught to recognize the data and now ultimately AI can create data.

This technology was basically brought into existence to make things easier during work keeping in mind the growing demand. For example, AI can analyze the syllabus, and notes and come up with new brief content to make it easier to learn.

AI also plays a major role in the medical field where we can see most applications helping with diagnosis, and drug discovery making it easier to get everything in hand at home.


AI has become so outstanding and can-do recommendations as in YouTube/Netflix, can understand human speech as in Alexa and Siri, can drive as in Waymo, can do creative work generative work as in chatGPT and GPT4 and whatnot.

Machines have become capable of doing anything and outdid human knowledge and skills although it’s the humans that developed AI.

AI cannot be compared to humans because AI can easily replace the human race, not because it’s anything more than humans but because of how fast and how efficiently the work is done by AI.

World is moving fast and the faster we move the faster we want things done, the higher our standards rise the higher becomes the standards we set for our work, in the end, we find this faster work and standard work in AI.

Bots like chatGPT and GPT4 are capable of creating content, editing pictures, and designing as per the given instructions within minutes, which means they can replace content creators, editors, and graphic designers.

AI to date is being used in security surveillance, the medical field, manufacturing and production, shopping, and also, I day to day lives of people.

AI has already become a major part of the developing world; it is making lives easier but at the cost of lots of employment opportunities being taken away. Using AI to have a smooth life is all right but depending on it for everything is obviously signing to our downfall.

As of the reports it is updated that the goal of AI is to make decisions, judge, and recognize patterns just like humans. The world is awaiting more new wonders that AI can create and questioning if it can completely outdo and replace the humans that actually created it.

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