Val Demings, a Democrat running for the Florida Senate, has not declared if she will accept the election results.

Democratic senator from Florida Val Demings

Democratic senator from Florida Val Demings has not declared if she will accept the results of the election.

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Val Demings

Val Demings, who is he?

On “The Ingraham Angle,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich discloses Val Demings’ true identity and forecasts the results of the Florida midterm elections.

During a televised debate on Tuesday, Florida Democratic Rep. Val Demings, who is running against GOP incumbent Sen. Marco Rubio, would not state if she would accept the outcome of the Florida Senate election.

Rick Christie, the executive director of The Palm Beach Post who participated on the panel during the discussion, asked Demings if she would “accept outcomes of the 2022 election,” but Demings did not give a clear response and instead related a tale about how much her parents valued voting.

“If you don’t mind, let me begin here. I can never recall a period when my mother’s employers—a maid and a janitor—did not cast ballots, the woman said. They would hire someone for a few dollars to drive them to the polls if their own car broke down.

Why on earth would we strive to prevent them from voting? Because of our democracy, which is a beautiful form of government, they were able to cast a ballot. No, it is not perfect, but thanks to our system of governance, we are able to gather here tonight.

With Latino voters, DESANTIS AND RUBIO are in a commanding lead in the Florida governor’s race and the senate races.

Rep. Val Demings, a Democrat from Florida, was asked during the Florida Senate debate on Tuesday night if she would accept the outcomes of the Sunshine State’s 2022 election.

“We must exert every effort to defend the rule of law, save our democracy, and safeguard every voter’s right to vote, including independents, Democrats, and Republicans. As a police officer and police chief, I carried out that duty. I pledged to serve, protect, and defend the constitution on behalf of all people, not just those who looked like me or the wealthiest among the rich, she said.

First of all, because my dad worked as a bartender, I have no idea who the wealthy are. We share that in common because my mother worked as a janitor, too,” Rubio replied. “I’ll tell you this much: Never in my entire life have I ever denied an election.

I’ve never contested an election, unlike Stacey Abrams in Georgia, who did. Florida has excellent election laws, but I also believe that there should be regulations for elections. Congresswoman Demings backed the proposal for a federal takeover of the election process.

How would that appear? I cannot be requested. You must present identification in order to enter the neighborhood where she resides, and you have every right to do so, but you cannot do so when people cast their ballots?

Florida’s election regulations, according to Rubio, “enable people to have faith that their vote counted and that their vote mattered.”

Democrat Val Demings, who lives in a gated community, called for the removal of “walls” that “separate us.”

When asked about the same issue, Rubio responded that due to Florida’s “excellent” election laws, he would “certainly” support the results of the election.

Sure, since I’m going to win, Rubio replied. I’m eager to support it, but I’ll do so regardless of the result since Florida has sound legal protections. They don’t have the absurd laws that exist in Pennsylvania and these other locations.

Democratic senatorial candidate for Florida Val Demings, on the left, and Republican senatorial incumbent Marco Rubio, on the right.

The discussion took place at the Lake Worth campus of Palm Beach State College.

Rubio leads Demings 48% to 41%, according to a September poll of likely voters conducted by Spectrum News/Siena College.

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