‘Hostile’: All the times Bill Murray acted horribly.


‘Hostile’: All the times Bill Murray acted horribly.

Bill Murray’s career is at a crossroads, and if he wants to be hired again, he must commit to change.

Some jokes just don’t work. Take, for example, the scene in which a masked Bill Murray thinks it would be hilarious to kiss and then straddle a much younger woman.

According to the New York Post, production on the half-finished Disney Searchlight medical drama Being Mortal was halted after Murray was accused of doing just that to a “much younger” staffer.

Murray allegedly paid the woman — who, according to Puck, was unable to move due to the actor’s weight — more than $100,000 to keep the details of the incident private. It became clear that not everyone appreciates the ageing actor’s out-of-touch antics, as she chose not to sue the film’s producers.

The Washington Post quoted a producer who has worked with Murray as saying, “I was genuinely taken aback when news of the Being Mortal event came.

Kissing someone while wearing a mask is going too far, according to the statement “Bill Murray flirts with [people] on set and it goes too far.” I haven’t seen him touch anyone, but it’s his way of hitting on women.”

'Hostile': All the times Bill Murray acted horribly.

“Women are there to be flirted with and hit on,” the producer added of Murray’s approach.

According to a source, Murray was “very hands-on touchy [on the production of Being Mortal]… but always in a comedic way.”

Murray’s lawyer did not respond to The Washington Post’s request for comment.

On the one hand, he’s become known for amusing interactions with fans, such as handing a Chicago Cubs fan a 2016 World Series ticket outside Wrigley Field, reading poetry to construction workers erecting a library, or tending bar at 21 Greenpoint, the Brooklyn restaurant owned by him. Homer, his son

However, Hollywood insiders have begun to reveal a much darker side to Murray’s personality: a tendency to embarrass and be aggressive toward coworkers.

Sean O’Banion worked as a production assistant on Charlie’s Angels in 2000, and witnessed Murray’s reaction to a now-famous incident in which Murray turned on co-star Lucy Liu over a Murray, according to Liu, began to “hurl insults” at her.

'Hostile': All the times Bill Murray acted horribly.

O’Banion reported to The Post that a frustr  Liu “called [Murray] a ‘f-king c-ksucker’ and went off the set. We were all standing there with gaping mouths. But they quickly started filming again. Bill skipped the follow-up episode.

An inquiry for comment was not answered by a representative of Liu.

McG, who directed the movie, also asserted that Murray headbutted him when it was being made. To The Times UK, Murray refuted this, calling the claim “Bulls-t… Complete garbage.”

However, it is not the only allegation that the actor engaged in physical activity during filming. During the What About Bob production in 1991, Murray is accused of throwing an ashtray at Richard Dreyfuss. Additionally, he is accused of pushing filmmaker Harold Ramis during the production of the 1993 film Groundhog Day. Ramis, who was also his Ghostbusters co-star, and he were having an argument against a wall.

According to Gavin Edwards, author of The Tao of Bill Murray, “On the first day of shooting for Ghostbusters, he hauled Sigourney Weaver up onto his shoulders [for no apparent reason].” Although she was a good sport, it showed Murray’s darker side. Putting others in their place is something that happens quite frequently.

On the YouTube programme Good Mythical Morning, Seth Green recently revealed how Murray once took offence at him sitting on a sofa arm backstage at Saturday Night Live. In reaction, Green, who was 9 years old at the time, was grabbed by the ankles and hanged over a trash can before being thrown inside.

Green said, “I rushed away, crouched under the table in my dressing area and just screamed.” Green recalled the trash tipping over while he was inside it.

And occasionally the behaviour is just outright offensive. Murray “asked the entire ensemble to go have dinner, except me,” according to Anjelica Houston, who appeared in the 2004 film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, according to New York magazine.

'Hostile': All the times Bill Murray acted horribly.

Geena Davis, who co-starred with Murray in the 1990 film Quick Change, claims in her new book, Dying of Politeness, that Murray forced her to allow him to massage her back while she was on a bed in her hotel suite when they first met.

Davis claims that she consented for a moment before regretting it.

Additionally, Davis recently revealed to Vanity Fair how Murray “tear-apart” someone on set after yelling at her. He believed that he needed to lash out at someone in order to ensure that they “behave,” she claimed.

During the 1996 filming of Kingpin, a male crew member recalls a scene in which Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson’s characters engaged in a bowling contest in front of a small audience. 300 more. It was the crew member’s responsibility to energise the crowd and prepare them for the scene.

The crew member recalled giving out special shirts to extras as he recalled how “one extra cried out that he wanted a T-shirt.” “Bill remarked they should buy T-shirts as he turned to face Woody.

“Bill grabbed me in front of everyone, and either Woody or him did it. He threw it into the throng after that. When it happened to me, I was 27 and found it amusing. If they did it to me now, at 47, I don’t think I would find it amusing.

A request for comment was sent to Harrelson’s publicist, who did not answer.

The Post was informed by sources that the public occasionally Murray has them tranced that they fail to see his undesirable behaviour.

According to author Edwards, “there’s an undercurrent of animosity in many of these events that he believes are intended to shake individuals out of their ruts and are supposed to wake  Him up.


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