Elon Musk completes the acquisition of Twitter : Concerns in the media as Elon Musk completes the acquisition of Twitter “Be scared, really scared.”

Concerns in the media as Elon Musk completes the acquisition of Twitter: "Be scared, really scared."

Elon Musk completes the acquisition of Twitter

After news emerged that the billionaire tech magnate Elon Musk had formally closed the agreement to acquire Twitter, the media vented their ire against him once more on Tuesday.

According to Fox Business, Twitter intended to finalize the terms of Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of the social media giant at the initial offer price of $54.20 per share that Musk made in April. Following the news, which also gained the support of Twitter shareholders, shares of Twitter stock swiftly increased.

However, journalists and reporters expressed concerns and even skepticism about Musk’s acquisition.

Concerns in the media as Elon Musk completes the acquisition of Twitter: "Be scared, really scared."

Notably, NBC News writer Ben Collins wrote a substantial Twitter thread outlining how Musk’s acquisition of Twitter would affect the 2022 midterm elections.

“For those of you who are enquiring: Yes, I do believe that if Musk gains complete control over this site, it can and will change rather substantially. No, a replacement is not available right away. According to the individuals he is connected with, if it is completed in time, it may in fact have an impact on the midterm elections “Collins composed.

The thread was retweeted by NPR editor Neela Banerjee, who said, “As usual, Ben Collins delivers a helpful thread on the broader ramifications of a Musk takeover of Twitter for the rest of us.” Collins was not alone in his assessment of the danger Musk’s acquisition of Twitter posed. Garrett M. Graff, a former editor of Politico Magazine, advised readers to “be terrified, be truly afraid.”

This bird app will likely experience considerable changes after turning private. Conspiracy theories will flourish, guardrails will be removed. There are no practical alternatives, therefore this is it: the total destruction of the global public sphere. great to meet you all, “Dickens Olewe, a BBC journalist, wrote.

Additionally, Collins’ thread and author Don Winslow’s caution about the danger Elon’s control over the social media platform poses were shared by MSNBC host Joy Reid.

“If Musk takes over Twitter, Zuckerberg takes over Facebook, and a new Republican-backed management team takes over CNN, we have a serious issue. Moreover, disregard any advice to the contrary from anyone “Tweeted Winslow.


TWITTER claims that it intends to finalise a deal with Elon Musk. Other journalists and correspondents expressed worries and apprehensions about things like challenges to free speech, democracy, and religion.

If you believe that Elon Musk providing Project Veritas, Alex Jones, and Trump a larger social platform to manipulate will improve the future of free speech, you are completely insane, wrote Southern Poverty Law Center senior investigative reporter Michael Edison Hayden in a tweet.

“Given that Musk may actually end up acquiring Twitter: Several influential Jewish and Muslim organisations expressed concerns over his takeover in April, stating that it “posing a threat to Twitter’s even more hazardous place for Muslims and other oppressed people,” among other things “Jack Jenkins, a national reporter for Religious News Service, commented.

Sarah Reese Jones, the head of PoliticusUSA, wrote: “Facebook deplatformed progressives before to 2020, followed by mainstream media, where it elevated only extreme conservatives. In 2022, Elon Musk is expected to make the same changes to Twitter. We are aware of the harm it will do. Technology behemoths continue to threaten western democracy.”

These men are the world’s most illogical people. Musk does not believe in free speech. Twitter also “favors” right-wing accounts and content. It’s absurd that the claim that Twitter has a bias against conservatives is so commonly accepted on the right “Parker Molloy, a lefty author, tweeted.

“Elon Musk has continuously failed to recognize the obvious repercussions of his sophomoric claim that Twitter would be better if users had more ‘free expression,'” stated Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate.

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