Elon Musk will enforce the return-to-office policy and fire half of Twitter’s employees.

Elon Musk will enforce the return-to-office policy and fire half of Twitter's employees

Elon Musk will enforce the return-to-office policy and fire half of Twitter’s employees

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According to a report released on Wednesday, Elon Musk intends to fire 3,700 employees, or almost half of Twitter’s personnel, in an effort to cut costs and pay off debt incurred from “overpaying” for the social media site.

According to Sources, Musk, who paid $44 billion for Twitter, has chosen to let the company’s half-staff know that their last day on the job is Friday. The billionaire has previously let go of a number of senior employees, including Chief Executive Officer Parag Agrawal, whose position he immediately renamed “Chief Twit” after taking over.

He continued the layoffs over the weekend as directors were reportedly requested to compile lists of problematic staff to fire. The plans haven’t been finalized and could possibly alter, sources told the publication. Giving fired employees a two-month severance package is one alternative being considered.

According to a source with knowledge of the layoffs, senior members of the product teams were required to fulfill a 50% workforce reduction. Depending on their contributions to Twitter’s code while working at the social media network, employees were added to or removed from the layoff lists, the sources claimed.

Tesla engineers and management were invited by Musk to evaluate the list of layoffs. Since Musk said he intended to buy the social media business months ago, there have been rumors of significant layoffs among Twitter employees.

The remaining employees at the company’s San Francisco headquarters will also receive news of a return-to-office policy from the “Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator,” as Musk has now dubbed himself. This is a change from Twitter’s current policy, which permits employees to work from anywhere, according to the sources.

Musk responded to verified Twitter users earlier on Wednesday who had criticized the platform’s $8 monthly service fee.

Many well-known people have expressed displeasure with Musk’s decision to change Twitter’s verification process to a subscription-based one this week, including renowned author Stephen King, who says he would not pay the charge.

Musk wrote in a late-night tweet on Tuesday, “To all complainers, please continue moaning, but it will cost $8. Musk added, “Totally copied notion of charging for insults & disputes from Monty Python, to be honest,” with a video of the comedy group in the background.

According to numerous sources, the $8 monthly cost is less expensive than the $20 monthly fee that Musk had originally intended to charge. According to reports, Musk has given Twitter’s developers till the end of the week to finish his rework of the “Twitter Blue” membership service; if they fail to do so, they risk losing their jobs.

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