We have a day for everything, we celebrate some – we just recognize some but this – this isn’t something that’s just like all other day. This day is dedicated to every unborn foetus and this is to be a part if it’s parent’s grievance.

The day is also dedicated to spreading awareness about how sacred and precious human life is.


25 March 2023 of every year is observed as the day of Unborn Child since 1999. It was first established by Pope John Paul II who wanted the to promote and spread awareness about the rights of unborn child.

The term “unborn child” refers to a fetus or embryo that is developing inside a woman’s uterus.

An unborn child is considered a human life, and is protected by laws in many countries.

In the United States, an unborn child is considered to have rights under the U.S. Constitution, and is protected by various laws such as the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.

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On this day no hospital or organization are allowed to commit abortion.

This day and people involved consider abortion as a sinful act as it involves in killing a child before it is even born.

The day also admires the glory of motherhood, giving birth and the beauty of parenting.

Events are held around the world to raise awareness of the need to protect unborn children and to promote a culture of life.

The glory of giving birth

Giving birth or being a part of it is a miraculous experience. It is a powerful and life-changing event for a woman and her family.

The wonder of a new life that is created from the love between two people is unexplainable and the feeling of joy cannot be described.

Knowing that you have brought a new life into the world and that you are responsible for its care and wellbeing can be a profound and humbling experience. The pain a mother endures during her carrying weeks and her delivery time will all be worth it when she sees the smile of her child.

Giving birth or raising a child is absolutely a beautiful feeling.

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The beauty of motherhood

The bond formed between a mother and her child is incomparable to any other relationship in this world.

It is a love and affection that is unconditional and pure, a love that transcends all boundaries and expectations.

It is a love that is full of self-sacrifice and sacrifice of the mother and her life just to give a better life to the child.

Only a mother can see happiness in her own pain and that’s just because she can see her child happy.

Motherhood is a beautiful thing, and its beauty never fades.

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Abortion is the removal or expulsion of an embryo or foetus from the uterus to terminate pregnancy.

Abortion can be due to the death of the child before it is born or can be to kill the foetus before it is born.

Women who choose to have an abortion may experience many negative emotional and psychological effects, such as guilt, anxiety, grief and other sorts of emotional pain.

Women may also experience physical effects, such as infection, pain  and fatigue.

In some cases, abortion can be a life-saving procedure for women with medical conditions.

The legality of abortion varies widely around the world, and it is important to understand the laws in each country before making a decision about whether to proceed with the procedure.

Abortion is a choice, but why chose to kill an unborn and suffer when you can just spend a few bucks on safety or contraceptives. Give it a thought and may be then you’ll realize we have alternatives. Unborn or born – life is a life try your best to protect it.

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