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March 27 of every year is observed as “World Theatre Day”, dedicating the day to Theatre Arts and it’s lovers.


The word “theatre” was first used in the ancient Greece and the era of classical antiquity. It takes it’s birth from the Greek word “theatron”, which referred to the place where people gathered to watch plays, dance, and listen to music.

Theatre is an art form that combines literature, music, movement, and visual elements to tell a story.

It is performed in a variety of venues, including theatres, film and television studios, and even outdoors.

Theatre plays can be based on existing works, such as novels, short stories, plays, or films, or they can be completely original works written specifically for the stage.

Every story that is produced and presented as a play has it’s own unsaid story, the beautiful it looks the higher was the struggle of the crew.

The word “theatre” gets its roots from an ancient Greek word that means “a place for seeing”.

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27 March is the chosen day to commemorate the birth of the great French actor, director and playwright, Jean Vilar.

Vilar, along with International Theatre Institute’s (ITI) founder, Boris Schumyatsky, in 1961 proposed the concept of World Theatre Day and later in 1962 the UNESCO also showed green flag to the day.

Why world theatre day

To recognize the importance of theatre in the world and to promote the development of theatre arts across the globe.

It is a day to celebrate the art of theatre and to recognize the value and efforts of its practitioners, artists, and contributors.

It also serves to remind people of the importance of theatre in fostering understanding and dialogue between different cultures.


Theatre and a culture of peace. To highlight the unique cultural and political roles theatre can play in our societies.

Through live performances, theatre can bring together diverse people and cultures to explore themes of peace.

By bringing together different perspectives, theatre can foster a culture of tolerance and understanding that encourages peace.

This theme aims to highlight the power of theatre to enable individuals and communities to remain resilient and to face challenges in times of crisis.

It emphasizes the importance of theatre in creating a sense of community and providing a platform for expression and dialogue.

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How are theatres important

The theatre has been an important form of entertainment and communication for centuries. It allows people to express themselves in ways that are not possible in other forms of entertainment.

It is also an important cultural outlet that allows people to share their stories, ideas, and emotions with others.

The theatre also allows people to experience stories and events in a live setting, creating a unique experience that cannot be replicated through other forms of media.

Additionally, theatres provide a safe space for people to come together and explore their creativity, while also creating an opportunity for education and socialization.

The theatre also allows people to come together to celebrate the work of actors, directors, and playwrights, and to appreciate different forms of art.

Finally, theatres provide an important platform for social issues to be discussed and debated, as well as an opportunity for dialogue between different communities.

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Impact of theatres on society

Theatre has the power to influence social change by raising awareness of important issues and inspiring dialogue.

On a more personal level, theatre can provide an escape from everyday life and a way to connect with others.

This theatre day you can

  • Try visiting an old theatre and explore how times changed and how the designs of theatres changed but their main focus did not.
  • Theatre doesn’t necessarily mean a cinema hall – a simple stage set up where artists perform in front of audience is also a form of theatre. So this time try something new by visiting this kind.
  • Join a drama club and try to be a part of the play, this helps you understand the effort behind every beautifully carved movie/play.
  • Educate people about theatres importance and promote a nice movie along with its moral.

Overall, theatre has the potential to be an important tool for education and social change.

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