Following a 2020 car accident, Jesse Williams pleads against giving an in-person deposition for an ongoing lawsuit.

Jesse Williams pleads against an ongoing lawsuit

Jesse Williams pleads against an ongoing lawsuit

Jesse Williams pleads against an ongoing lawsuit

According to reports, Jesse Williams has requested not to appear at an in-person deposition about a lawsuit stemming from an automobile accident that happened two years ago. The 41-year-old Cabin in the Woods actor, who has been chosen to play the same part in the upcoming Broadway production of Take Me Out, is concerned that being in a packed courtroom could cause him to become infected with the Covid virus.

In January 2020, the actor earlier acknowledged rear-ending Paula Bruce’s car. She has, however, asserted that the celebrity left the area, giving rise to the current legal dispute. Regarding a lawsuit arising from an automobile accident that occurred two years ago, Jesse Williams reportedly requested to not appear at an in-person deposition; photographed in June in NYC. The attorney for the other driver served a subpoena on the Grey’s Anatomy alum to take a deposition, according to the Hollywood tabloid.

Williams reportedly appealed with the judge to allow the deposition to take place via Zoom rather than in person, despite the fact that he had no objections to appearing for one. The actor reportedly stated his worries that he would contract Covid and so be unable to perform in the next Broadway production of Take Me Out, which begins previews on October 27.

The Cabin in the Woods actor, 41, has been chosen to repeat his part in the upcoming Broadway production of Take Me Out. According to TMZ, he is afraid of getting the Covid virus if he is placed in a packed courtroom; last seen in June in NYC.

Jesse admitted to rear-ending Paula Bruce’s automobile in a car collision that occurred at the start of 2020, according to TMZ at the time. Williams allegedly fled the site of the accident, according to Bruce, who also claimed that she was injured physically and experienced emotional suffering as a result.

Williams did rear-end Bruce’s car, but he didn’t flee the site of the incident, according to William Briggs, the actor’s attorney, who is from Chicago. Jesse is well known for working on a variety of projects, including starring in the popular series Grey’s Anatomy. Following the event, Bruce assured Williams that she was fine, and Williams then reported the situation to the police, according to Briggs, who spoke to the publication.

Since no one was wounded in the collision, Briggs said, police instructed Williams and Bruce to exchange insurance information. Briggs reported that Williams and Bruce exchanged insurance and licencing information while Williams also took pictures of the accident’s damage. Williams fled the scene after the information was exchanged, according to Briggs, and the actor’s assistant showed up to supervise the arrival of a tow truck because Williams left before the issue gained media attention.

Other options: According to TMZ, Jesse has urged the judge to permit a Zoom deposition rather than in-person; seen in West Hollywood in 2021. Other court appearances: The actor recently went to court with his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, to fight for visitation rights from his two kids when he temporarily relocated from Los Angeles to New York City to work on Broadway. But after the two drivers had not spoken for years, Bruce’s attorney requested $1.6 million from the actor’s insurance, saying the incident was a hit-and-run.

Williams was the subject of what Briggs described as a “blatant attempt to extort” by Bruce’s attorney, who informed the outlet that she intended to sue the actor. Jesse is no stranger to the courtroom; in late September, the actor and his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, went in court to discuss a custody dispute involving their two children, Sadie and Maceo.

According to People, who obtained official court records, Jesse was granted visitation with his kids during his brief shift from Los Angeles to New York City. However, the court decided that on specific days, the seven and eight-year-old can fly to New York City and be with their father from October through December when he reprises his Broadway role. His ex-wife had initially requested that their children remain in LA at all times.

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