The tallest woman in the world enjoys her first flight.

The tallest woman in the world enjoys her first flight.

Turkish Airlines removed six economy seats so that the tallest woman in the world could board a plane for the first time.

Rumeysa Gelgi, who is 7 feet 1 inches tall, was recognised as the tallest woman in the world by Guinness World Records in 2016.

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The tallest woman in the world enjoys her first flight.

In September, Turkish Airlines modified one of their aircraft so that she could fly from Istanbul to San Francisco. Six seats were removed, and their place was taken by a special stretcher so she could lie down for the whole of the 13-hour voyage.

Due to her short stature, which was brought on by the Weaver syndrome, a disorder that among other things causes bone overgrowth, prevented Ms. Gelgi, 25, from ever flying.

In addition to changing facial characteristics and creating certain learning and physical difficulties, the disorder frequently results in fast growth.


She was too big to fit in aeroplane seats even as a little child.

Six pictures in all, including one of her grinning with airport employees while being carried on a gurney and another of her enjoying cake while flying, were uploaded to her Instagram feed to document the trip.

Mr. Gelgi, who works in the software sector of the technology industry, can walk with the aid of a cane but typically requires a specialized wheelchair to get around.


She is from California, has over 22,000 Instagram followers, and owns five Guinness World Records in total, including the longest back, longest finger, and largest hands in the world.

Zeng Jinlian, a Chinese woman, was the tallest woman to ever live and was measured at 8 feet, 1 inch before passing away in 1982.

She stated on her page that she “wanted to have as much of my severe physical uniqueness recognized and cherished as possible, hoping to inspire and encourage others with apparent differences to do the same and be themselves.”

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